Dear Students, Parents, and Friends,


For a few brief glimpses into the classrooms and at student life here at Northview from this past week, including

             which of our young artists were honored at the Focus Art Show at BGSU,

             how our Forensic Science students explored which is more reliable, eye witness testimony or physical evidence,

             how Ms. Daviss Business students are combining their software skills with their college searches,

             how Mr. Roths students are filtering calcium out of hard water,

             how Mrs. Barber and Mrs. Stewart are getting students to focus on the process of learning as much as the answers,

             how our Wildcats did on the court and fields this week,

             what our NV students, families, and staff did for the people of Texas,

             and more, click on the link our Wildcat Weekly blog


Here are a few important messages for parents and students:


             How do you select a college or university, and know that it is the right place for you educationally, socially, and financially?  When should you visit campuses?  What questions should you ask when you do visit?  When planning for lifes next chapter, there is so much to think about that it can make your head spin.  To help parents and students focus on one manageable step at a time, we have the College Prep Pathway.  It has everything you need to think about, broken down into steps, one month at a time.  Here are the manageable tasks that we think our students should be completing in August and September:

   o    Freshmen

      Start volunteering

      Join clubs at Northview  and consider extracurricular activities; consider leadership and volunteer opportunities

      Sign up for NCAAs Core Course Calculator

             Click on free new member account

             Our School ID is 364930 and the School Code is 710590802

      Keep a portfolio  of accomplishments

   o    Sophomores

      Print out standardized test dates and registration deadlines. Stay ahead of the curve!

      Join clubs, and explore leadership opportunities in extracurricular activities to build your college resume.

      Contact your school counselor about PSAT registration.

   o    Juniors

      Contact your school counselor about PSAT (Mid October Date)

      Enroll in a Fall ACT prep class

      Print out test dates and registration deadlines for the year

      Decide when youre going to take the SAT/ACT. Think about prep options. See counselors

   o    Seniors (for August and September)

      Attend the college application process meeting (Open House)

      Know your college application deadlines and begin filling out the annual Common Application and other college applications!

      Start writing an amazing essay! Reflect on experiences, awards, and personal characteristics that make you stand out. Make it personal!

      Learning Lunch- How to write your College Essay

      Develop an early action/early decision plan.

      Fill out a Brag Sheet to give to your recommenders.

      Last time to take ACT/SAT for scholarship deadlines.



             Counselors will be in Senior English classes next Wednesday to discuss the college application process.



             For the Class of 2018: we looked hard at the idea of relocated commencement due to the increase in class size.  Ultimately, the decision was made to stay at Stranahan.  The biggest reason was the desire to keep commencement at the same location for both high schools, as there are some personnel who need to be at both ceremonies.  We anticipate students receiving five tickets, then being able to get in line for additional tickets on a first come, first serve basis.  As usual, students can ask for additional tickets from those who do not need five.



             The September Cat Tracks newsletter is attached to this e-mail.  Check it out to see what is coming next at Northview.



             Project Unify will continue this school year, starting with a big soccer game in October.  For more information, see the attached flyer.


             For our future Cats


             Finally, the list of AP Scholars that we received and published last week was incomplete.  My apology to those left off the list.  Here is an updated list:

   o    AP Scholars

      Luke Achinger

      Andrea Almeida-Rodriguez

      Jacob Bartlett

      Teagan Benedict

      Samantha Brady

      Parker Cellura

      Erin  Chambers

      Lily Conway 

      Sara Coy

      Maizy Crandall 

      Lauren David

      Justice Deleon 

      Rosalie Donofrio

      Hannah Dorris 

      Aaron Federman

      Grace Figliomeni 

      Jared Freeman 

      Samuel Goecke

      Brittany Harder

      Libbey Jaeblon 

      Noah Jockett 

      Osama Khrawesh 

      Ashley Knight 

      Kayla Kucway

      Joshua Losie

      Josiah Luke 

      Morgan Lutz

      Alex Miller

      Isabella Murra

      Natalie Olrich

      Mia  Restivo

      Charles Richmond

      Taylor Rosplohowski 

      Scott Ross

      Cooper Sadowski 

      Feross Sarsour

      Avery Siegel 

      Joseph Sohasky 

      Shelby Williams  

      John Young

      Alexander Zuchowski 


   o    AP Scholar with Honor

      Katrina Arndt

      Madison Brixey 

      Mitali Dalwalla 

      Michael Detzel

      Meghan Hanley

      Katherine Klein

      Rachel Lambdin 

      Kayla McLean 

      Christina Regan

      Cassandra Scouten 

      Kayla Thielen 

      Brenden Winner 


   o    AP Scholar with Distinction

      Samuel Avina

      Matt Bishop 

      Erika Chen

      Margaret Eding 

      Mark Gilliland

      Caitlyn Hoffman 

      Ram Kodali 

      Tyler Mcclain

      Alec Medlin 

      Jacob Morris 

      David Mulligan 

      Karen Pan 

      Maxwell Qian 

      Hrishikesh Saraiya

      Nabeel Tausif 

      Kevin Wisniewski


   o    National AP Scholar

      Mark Gilliland



We hope everyone enjoyed their extra family time this weekend.


Go Cats!

Steve Swaggerty



Previously Announced Important Information


             We hope that all of our students chose classes that will challenge them to grow in ways they did not expect.  Along the way, all of us struggle to master new concepts and skills.  Thankfully, we have the resources at Northview to help our students overcome those speedbumps.  One of those resources is the Learning Center (TLC).  Here, students are able to access tutoring any period of the school day.  Each class period is staffed with both a teacher and National Honor Society seniors.  So, when you encounter an academic challenge that seems like you might need some help working through, know that you are WELCOME to come to TLC in room A4 to get the help you need to conquer it.



             Graduation requirements handed down from the state of Ohio have evolved with the new Ohio State Tests in recent years.  Historically, students had to earn the required course credits and pass all of their OGTs, and they were good to go.  Now, starting with the Class of 2018, students must continue to earn their course credits, AND earn enough points on the Ohio State Tests to qualify for a diploma in Ohio.  Our counselors and Mr. Chris Fahim, our Assistant Principal for Curriculum & Instruction, will be sending letters home to parents of seniors by October 1st that we are concerned about in terms of meeting the requirements.  If you do not receive anything by 10/1, your student is in good shape with their Ohio State Test standing.  For those who do receive a letter, know that we will be working with your son or daughter to take the necessary steps to qualify this year. 




             Our Band Boosters have purchased a large trailer to help transport equipment to games, parades, and more.  If your company has an advertising budget, and would like to reserve space on the trailer, check out the details below and in the attached flyer.


             There is only one spot left on the summer 2018 Leadership Summit trip to Berlin, Germany!  For more info, check out the tour website at or email Mrs. Stewart at  Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to grow as a leader, student and global citizen!



             If you are receiving this e-mail, and you would like to be removed from this listproc, follow these directions:

   o    Send email to

   o    Make the subject: SIGNOFF SYLVANIA-NORTHVIEW

You should be all set.  If you are a parent of an alumna or alumnus and are signing off because all of your kids have graduated, thank you one final time for everything you did over the years to help support our teachers, coaches, and advisors to make the NV experience a great one.



             Here is the new website for the Homework Matrix App (thanks to Mr. Word for fixing it for us) to type into your phones to have homework pulled from the NV Homework Matrix (which all of our teachers are using this year) directly to your phone.  Yes, if you save this webpage to your phone, it will serve like an app.  Once you select your son or daughters classes, you can see what they have for homework each day with one click.  Easy peasy.



             You may have noticed that the Sylvania Schools calendar switched from DynaCal to Google Calendar.  You can find all the information you need on how to set up your Google Calendar to fit your needs, depending on which schools your students attend and the activities in which they participate here and here.


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 Sylvania Schools Calendar Guide

This user guide will help you access and customize the Sylvania Schools building and district calendars through Google Calendar. If you would like more guidance beyond these questions, go to the Google Resources. If you would like visual demonstration of these actions, go to this visually-enhanced user guide.



Basic Questions


How do I access the district calendar?

   1.     Go here.

   2.     At the top of the calendar, pull the drop-down menu next to Agenda. Check the building calendar(s) you wish to view by clicking on the checkboxes next to the name of the calendar.

   3.     Select the month, week, day or agenda view as preferred.

   4.     Hover the mouse cursor over an event to see quick information. Click on it for more details.


How do I subscribe to a Sylvania Schools calendar?

   1.     Go to the calendar on the district webpage.

   2.     At the top of the calendar, pull the drop-down menu next to Agenda. Check the building calendar(s) you wish to subscribe to by clicking on the checkboxes next to the name of the calendar(s).

   3.     Scroll down to the bottom-right of the calendar and click the + Google Calendar button.

   4.     A tab will open showing your Calendar account and ask if you wish to add the school calendar to your own. Click yes.



Calendar on the Web

If you are managing your own Google Calendar on the website version, you can subscribe to school calendars, add events from them to your own calendar, and receive notifications. Heres how.


How do I view events from various calendars on the website version of Calendar?

   1.     Look at the left sidebar for My Calendars and Other Calendars.

   2.     Find the calendar you wish to view on the screen.

   3.     If the box next to the calendar name is white, the calendar is turned off. If the box is colored, the calendar is turned off.

   4.     Click the calendar to turn it on. The events will appear on the screen. Click the title again to turn those calendar events off, or just leave it on all the time.


How do I set up notifications on the website version of Calendar?

   1.     In the top-right corner, find the gear icon, click on it and select Settings.

   2.     Click the Calendars tab.

   3.     Find the calendar you wish to set notifications for and click Edit Notifications.

   4.     Set the notifications as youd like and click Save.


How do I add events to my Calendar on the website version of Calendar?

   1.     Find the event you wish to add on the calendar.

   2.     Click on the colored space without text in the event block. Do not click the title.

   3.     In the pop-up window that appears, click Copy to my calendar.

   4.     The event edit window will appear. Make changes if you wish and click Save.

   5.     The event will appear in your calendar and the original calendar side-by-side.



Calendar on a Mobile Device

If you wish to keep up to date with school events through your smartphone or tablet, you can do so. Once youve accessed your calendar through the website version and logged in to the app on your phone, youll find that all events synchronize. Here are more details.


How do I access a calendar on my smartphone or tablet?

   1.     Download the Calendar app for Android (Droid) or iOS (iPhone, iPad).

   2.     Open the app and log in with whichever account you wish to use.


How do I view events from various calendars on the mobile version of Calendar?

   1.     Pull out the left sidebar by dragging from the left or clicking the three-line icon on the top-left of the screen.

   2.     Look at the calendars listed, clicking Show More if necessary.

   3.     If the box next to the calendar name is white, the calendar is turned off. If the box is colored, the calendar is turned off.

   4.     Click the calendar to turn it on. The events will appear on the screen. Click the title again to turn those calendar events off, or just leave it on all the time.


If you do not see a calendar you have subscribed to . . .

   1.     Scroll down in the left sidebar and select Settings.

   2.     Scroll to find the calendar, clicking Show More if necessary.

   3.     Click on the calendar.

   4.     Make sure Sync at the top is turned on.

   5.     Go back and try the sequence above again.


How do I set up notifications on the mobile version of Calendar?

   1.     Scroll down in the left sidebar and select Settings.

   2.     Scroll to find the calendar, clicking Show More if necessary.

   3.     Click on the calendar.

   4.     Set notifications by selecting Add a notification where necessary.




             The Northview College Prep Pathway: Northview students and parents have a one-stop resource to help with planning for the college preparatory, application, and selection process.  Check out the details below


To access the NV College Prep Pathway, click here.  For periodic updates and tips on preparing to be successful at the collegiate level, follow the NV College Prep Pathway Twitter account by clicking here.  Be sure to follow the above directions for monthly updates from the counselors.  Finally, this tool is a work in progress.  If you have ideas for improving it (adding resources, tips, etc.), please share them with us!




             Looking for information?  The following links may be helpful to you:

   o    Northview High School website

   o    Northview Faculty and Staff communication vehicles

   o    Cat Tracks newsletters

   o    Wildcat Weekly e-mails

   o    Homework Matrix website

   o    NV Parent Organization website

   o    Parent access to grade portal

   o    Northview Guidance Counselors website

   o    NV College Prep Pathway website

   o    NV College Prep Pathway twitter page

   o    2017-18 Program of Studies

   o    Northview daily PA announcements blog

   o    School calendar of events

   o    Opportunities for extra help at NV

   o    Extracurricular clubs and organizations contact information

   o    School newspaper

   o    Athletic calendar

   o    Athletics website

   o    Service and volunteerism information for students

   o    E-flyers from the school district

   o    School Facebook page

   o    School Twitter page

   o    Mr. Swaggertys Twitter page

   o    List of Northview related Twitter accounts to follow

   o    Mr. Swaggertys YouTube channel

   o    Mr. Swaggertys Instagram page

   o    You can receive weekly text message updates on upcoming big ticket items from Northview by texting @northview to the following phone number: 81010




             Do you ever shop at Target?  If so, we need your help.  Over the years, Target has donated over $15,000 to Northview.  However, many of the parents who were once part of the program have had students graduate and move on.  So, we are in need of our current parents to sign up to help us raise funds to benefit our school community and our students. Please help Northview earn money for our students by signing up on-line by clicking here and enrolling, or stopping at their customer service counter and signing up for their customer rewards program.  Our school ID with Target is 83342.  If you know of other companies that offer similar programs that we can join to help us support our students, please send those Mr. Swaggertys or Julie Kleins way.





             Speaking of, if you shop at Kroger, please consider signing up for their customer rewards program to help the Northview Athletic Boosters, who work diligently to clothe and equip our Northview Wildcat athletes!







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