Volunteering Opportunities

An excerpt from our Sylvania Schools Vision:

"Sylvania students will graduate from our school with the passion 
to use their talents to make a significant contribution to society."

Volunteerism is one way to achieve this goal.

Northview students are encouraged to provide 200 hours of community service 
for a non-profit organization during their four years of high school.

Recognition is given at graduation for all students who reach the goal of 200 or more 
accumulated volunteer hours.

BEFORE VOLUNTEERING, obtain an "Official Volunteer Hour Form" in 
the Guidance Office. They are located at the entrance on the left, in the top drawer 
of the file cabinet, in the front of the drawer.

Fill out the form in its entirety!

To get credit, your nameID#, and graduation year must be marked. The name of 
the organization and their address must be listed. A description of what you did 
must be included.

Be sure to fill out a separate form for each organization you volunteer with.

If you are with the same organization volunteering on multiple dates within the 
same semester, you can use one form. However, use the back of the form to 
write each individual date and hours for that date making sure that your 
contact person initials each one separately.

If you volunteer for the same organization for a whole school year, you need to 
fill out two separate forms--one at the end of each semester.

Make sure that you and your contact person sign at the bottom, listing 
a phone number to reach your contact person.

It is advised that you have the volunteer form turned in right after you volunteer. 
Be sure to make a copy of the completed form to keep for your records.

Bring your completed form to the Guidance Office and place in the wire basket 
on top of the file cabinet where the volunteer forms are.

Follow these procedures to have your volunteer hours included on your transcript.


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