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Class Government &
Student Council

Student Council

Tami Blue


Kathryn Nelson


Paula Werner


Perry Lefevre


Andrea Davis, Amy Schloegl


Club/Activity Advisor

Book Club

Darla Omey


Jeff Easton (419)467-5932
Larry Phillips (419) 466-5127


Cat’s Meow

Don Wachowiak, Stacie Wachowiak

Chess Club

Jonathan Engel

Melting Pot Club

John Word


Tami Blue

Drama Club

Don Wachowiak

Earth Club

Michelle Bogue


Engineering Club

John Austin

Flag Corps & Majorettes

Traci Schweizer, Kaitlin Sibert

Homeroom leaders

see your counselor or homeroom teacher


Chris Fahim


Melanie Rogers

Manga Arts Club

Ms. Nelson

Math Club

Greg Christy

National Honor Society

Darla Omey

Northview Leadership Academy - @NVLeaders

Steve Swaggerty, Ryan Creech

Paw Pride

Teri Seal-Roth, Dan Dick


Outdoors Club

Frank Ulrich

Quiz Bowl

Perry Lefevre



Science Olympiad

Andy Roth

Speech and Debate - @NVspeechNdebate

Keevan Hazel, Ian Malcolm, Jeremy Davis

Supercats & Kittens (jr/sr spirit squad)

Chris Irwin

Theatre Productions

Don Wachowiak

Theatre/Thespians Don Wachowiak
Ultimate Frisbee Steve Swaggerty

Water Polo

Pete Dankert

Whispering Wildcats

Steve Swaggerty

World Language Club

Lindsey Jurski, Kim McElroy, Claudia Fischer , John Word


Co-Curricular Advisor

Business Professionals of America

Tami Blue, Andrea Davis



Skills USA(Cosmetology)

Christine Jude, Holly Fair


Ryan Eickholt


Sarah Huey


Pat Johnson, Dawn Soldner


Music Instructor

Band, Band Auxiliary - @NVBand

Nathan Heath, Emily Hage

Jazz Band

Nathan Heath

Orchestra - @NviewOrchestras

Pam Thiel


Jeremy Davis

Club/Activity Descriptions        

Book Club (updated 8/16)
Cost: none
Scheduled meetings are held during each lunch period in the library media center
The Northview High School book club offers a relaxed environment in which to read and discuss new, exciting, and popular young adult and adult books. Mrs. Omey and members of the book club choose a book to read and discuss. Join us to meet new friends, discuss books, and enjoy your lunch!!! Please see Mrs. Omey in the library media center for more information!
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Chess Club
Cost: none
Meetings held after school in F-2
Do you like to play chess? Then this club is for you! Mr. Engel begins this club around October. The time commitment is whatever you have to offer. However, matches require a 4 hour commitment. This is a great club for those of you who want to excel at chess or just learn the game. 
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Melting Pot Club (updated 9/15)
Chinese Language and Asian Cultures Club is now called the Melting Pot Club
Cost: Students will be asked to bring food and materials for cultural activities
Meets once a month in F8
Would you like to learn about other cultures from places such as China, Japan, Africa, the Middle East, Russia and India? Do you want to try delicious foods, make neat crafts, and play games from these places? Do you want to celebrate your own family's heritage? Then the Melting Pot Club is for you!
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Coexist - Diveristy Club (updated 8/16)
Cost: none

    Meetings held the 3rd Wednesday of the month in room e23.
    Please text @coexistnv to 81010 for cell reminders about meetings & other club related news.
Diversity Club, students who join this group help sponsor anti-bullying week and day of silence, promote acceptance, peace, self advocacy, and stand up for those who can't stand up for themselves. Our club tries to create safe environment in school for students to support each other and fight discrimination, harassment, and violence of all types in schools. 

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Drama Club (Revised Fall 2016)
Cost: $5.00/year
Meetings held 1st Wednesday of the month
This club is for all those who are interested in learning about all facets of theatre: traditions, techniques, theatre terminology, and having fun! Meetings occur on the first Wednesday of each month, and any student, no matter what type of experience, can join at any time throughout the year. Additionally, the Thespian Board Officers will plan a social and service activities throughout the year including workshops, outings to area shows, theme parties (complete with improvisation!), and watching musicals or works of drama on film. See for more information
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Earth Club
Cost: none 
Meetings usually held twice per month at after school. 
Open to: All Northview Students
The Northview Earth Club is dedicated to protecting our environment through service projects and interesting meetings that inform the Northview student body and staff about local and national current environmental concerns. Meetings range from speakers to cleaning up the Northview campus. With the help of all students, they run the paper and plastic recycling program in the building. 
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Interact Club (Revised Fall 2014)
Cost: $12.00/year
Meetings usually held twice per month at after school.
Open to: All Northview Students
Please use the following sources to receive information on meetings, service opportunities, etc:
Facebook , Twitter, Remind 101 and our Website
-Like on Facebook “Sylvania Northview Interact”
-Follow on Twitter @NVHS_Interact
-Remind 101: send a text to 419-740-5356 with the message @52d0b to receive text message updates
-Our website:

click here to download the project hours form


LINK (updated 9/15)
LINK is a Freshmen Transition Program that Juniors and Seniors can volunteer for. Juniors and Seniors are trained to lead our incoming Freshmen through activities on their first day. Juniors and Seniors will act as mentors throughout the year for a small group of Freshmen that are assigned to them.

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Math Club
Cost: none
Meetings held monthly after school.
Northview’s Math Club is centered on involving students in mathematics outside of their usual math classes. We do this through two main avenues, the annual JETS competition and monthly Math Club Problems. JETS  is basically an engineering competition held in the spring at The University of Toledo. Teams of 5 to 8 students compete against other area teams with the opportunity to reach state and national competitions. On a broader level, the Math Club Problems are non-standard problems (they might make you think a little more than usual!) published each month as a competition. They are available for all Northview students and anyone correctly solving any of the problems is then entered into a drawing for prizes at the end of the year. Math Club members are given first priority when it comes to forming the JETS teams and they also help determine suitability of solutions for the monthly problems.
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National Honor Society (Revised 8/16)
A Pay to Participate fee is associated with this activity
Meetings are held monthly on the first Monday of each month.
They start promptly at 2:30 p.m. in the library media center.

National Honor Society is a service group that is involved with activities that benefit Northview and the Sylvania community. NHS welcomes freshmen with yard signs and assists at various Northview events, open houses, and ceremonies. Students receive an invitation for membership if they meet the criteria of leadership, service, scholarship, and character during the second semester of their junior year. The scholarship qualification is a 3.6 cumulative GPA.
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Northview Leadership Academy (Revised 8/16)

Remind Code: text @northviewl to 81010

Facebook Link

Twitter Link

Freshmen Year: Phase One
Getting Involved.  Get to know me.  What do I believe in?


Power of reflection & setting goals
Getting involved in something
Identifying values
Attending Leadership lunches featuring community leaders

Sophomore Year: Phase Two
The Value of Service


Joining Interact
Class service projects
Attending leadership lunches featuring community leaders

Junior Year: Phase Three
The Leadership Experience


Defining leadership
Understanding the value of teamwork
Creating a Vision – developing, communication, action planning, sharing, building relationships, leading with integrity
Components of effective communication
Leadership Skill/Personality assessment
Attend leadership lunches featuring community leaders

Senior Year: Phase Four
Leadership in Action


Establishing leadership roles within the Northview family or Sylvania community
Reflecting on the leadership experience
Participating in an etiquette dinner & toastmaster
Engaging in a public speaking competition
Attend leadership lunches featuring community leaders


Learn about who you are and what you believe

Learn about how to work as part of a team

Meet with community leaders and learn from their experiences

Build the skills necessary to be an effective leader

Get a chance to develop a leadership philosophy, put it into practice, and reflect on it

Recognition at graduation

College resume builder

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Magna Club (revised fall 2016)
We typically meet once per month on a Friday in D-7. Announcements are made through Google "Classroom". Drop by a meeting or email Ms. Nelson (knelson@sylvaniaschools) for the code to join.
Students bring their own art supplies to use (or share) and the club provides copier paper (so there is no official cost).
Manga, Anime and Japanese culture are appealing to many of our Wildcats-- Manga Arts Club is an opportunity to connect with fellow enthusiasts, draw with (or learn to draw from) others, enjoy Japanese music and play manga "kahoots!" and other games. All are welcome. ( ´ ▽ ` )b
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Paw Pride (P^2)(Revised 9/15)
Cost: none
Paw Pride is a group of juniors and seniors who meet to promote pride and spirit throughout Northview. Paw Pride focuses on groups and individuals who are sometimes overlooked. Sophomores are nominated in the spring by their teachers; an application and interview process is used to select new members who join as juniors the following year. The members remain anonymous until the late spring of their senior year when their identities are revealed. People who are spirited, creative, and reliable are assets to this group.
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Quiz Bowl  
Cost: see advisor

A Pay to Participate fee is associated with this activity
Meetings held in G4, typically one hour practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We have seven three-way matches on Mondays from October until February.
From students who just can’t miss an episode of Jeopardy, to students who just seem to know everything about music or sports, Quiz Bowl is for you.  The club competes with other local high schools, much like on Jeopardy. But instead of one on one action, this “sport” pits two teams of four against each other. The teams use their buzzers to ring in with the answer to a trivia question, before the other team can. Questions can be about almost anything. Common question subjects include fine art, literature, math, politics, history, geography, and pop culture. Everyone is guaranteed to know at least some answers. The club hosts tournaments and also travels to other high school tournaments. In the past, the club has also gone to larger tournaments at The Ohio State University, and The University of Michigan. But don’t be intimidated by the big names and math questions, Quiz Bowl can be fun for anyone.
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Cost: $350 offset by fund-raising
Meetings held once a week in fall with increasing time based on competitions.
Robotics is a club that strives to inspire young people with an appreciation of

and technology and an understanding that mastering these can enrich the lives of all.  In Robotics, students work together to build a robot for a specific competition, with the game format changing every season.  The production of a robot from start to finish is an exciting process that aids in the development of teamwork.  Each person works on a different part, and like a puzzle, the parts fit together to complete the picture.  The students involved in Robotics meet on a varying schedule based on the deadlines of the competition. .  For most of the year students meet once a week for a couple of hours.  However, during the actual “season” (which lasts from January through February) the team meets for approximately 12 – 20 hours per week, usually during two school nights and most of the day on Saturday.  From September through December students are given numerous chances through fund-raisers to earn the $350 needed to be a part of the Robotics Team.  This money is used for parts for the robot, travel expenses to two competitions, food, spirit wear, etc.  However, the bulk of the money needed to compete in our two regional events and to run the team throughout the year is donated by the DANA Corporation.  There are 5 advisors from DANA, adult advisors from area businesses, parent volunteers, as well as Mr. Andy Roth, a chemistry teacher at Northview.  Most new team members join during May and June so that they can go through training exercises over the summer.  Any student who is interested in joining is more then welcome to come and see Mr. Roth in room D-10 at any point during the school year.
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Science Olympiad (updated 8/16)
Cost: $10 dues and a Pay to Participate fee is associated with this activity
Meetings: Tuesdays and Friays after school
Science Olympiad is a National Competition designed to test students in all science areas in ways that are challenging and fun.  At each event the team competes in 23 events ranging from Astronomy and Herpetology tests to Chemistry and Physics labs as well as building bridges and mousetrap vehicles.  Our season starts at the end of August and lasts through early May and students of all grade levels are invited to join.  So if you love science, no matter what type, or simply love to problem solve or build, Science Olympiad is the team for you.  Please contact Mr. Roth in room D-10 if you have any questions.  
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Speech and Debate (updated 8/16)
A Pay to Participate fee is associated with this activity

Do you like to act, argue about different topics, present speeches, or meet new people, then Speech and Debate is for you. Speech and Debate has a place for everyone! Students that have participated in Speech and Debate have used this program to prepare for college. In fact, universities often consider membership in a speech and debate program in their selection process. Speech and Debate is a great organization to improve and refine skills you already have that will prepare you for the next step in your life.

Cost: $45.00
Meeting Location: E-20 for Debate, Choir room for Speech, and E-5 for Policy, Congress and Extemp.

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Student Council (updated 8/16)
Cost: A Pay to Participate fee is associated with this activity
Meetings held the first Wednesday of the month in the cafeteria from 2:35-3:35.
Meeting dates: Sept. 7 (initial meeting), Oct 5, Nov 2, Dec 7, Jan 4, Feb 1, Mar 1, Apr 5, May 3
Membership is open to anyone who fills out the application.
The Northview Student Government is one of the largest and most influential organizations at our school. With over 85 students involved, this group not only helps shape and influence school policy, but we also raise money for area charities, stage assemblies, put on school dances and generally try to make Northview a school that you are proud to attend. Elected by students, consists student council officers (6), student government members (representatives), and freshman, sophomore & senior class officers. Main responsibilities include assembly planning, powder puff football, spirit week, wacky wildcat lunch games, and turnabout. Want to be a part of the fun? see Mrs. Blue in E22 or email her!
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Theatre Productions (Revised Fall 2016)
Cost: Sylvania Schools Pay to Participate fee plus $50 production fee
Auditions: Fall Musical usually in late August, Spring Play usually in late January and Summer Musical usually in mid May.
Theatre Productions (Fall Musical and Spring Play) are open to all Northview HS students grades 9-12 and are focused on providing performance opportunities to our students that are not available in a classroom setting while providing quality entertainment to the Sylvania and surrounding communities. The Summer Musical, produced in partnership with the Sylvania Community Arts Commission is open to grades 10-12 only and does not require the Pay to Participate fee. See for more information.

Thespians (Revised 8/16)
Meetings held 1st Wednesday of the month
Cost: $30.00 when inducted
Thespian membership is limited to members of the student body who have accumulated enough points in theatre activities to become a member of the International Thespian Society. After accumulating 10 points (approximately 100 hours) in high school theatre work (performance and technical), members are inducted.  This exclusive group goes to a state conference each year, participates in local community theatre, and participates in activities with drama club and Northview Theatre. The advisor for this group is Mr. Wachowiak. See for more information.
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Ultimate Frisbee (Revised 9/15)
Meetings: Play Fridays after school in the Fall at the bottom of the hill
Cost: None

Whispering Wildcats
Meetings: Once or twice prior to each season
Cost: None
Whispering Wildcats membership is limited to senior girls. The club supports boys athletics through material gifts in the form of spirit and nutritional items. Each student sponsors one or more senior boy to support.
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World Language Club (revised 8/16)

October 4
February 23

The World Language Club invites all World Language students to attend.
See your language teacher to sign up!

2 WL Club Meetings amongst Chinese/Spanish/French students:
October 4
February 23

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Co-Curricular Class Activities

Business Professionals of America (revised 8/16)
This co-curricular club is for all students enrolled in the Business Technology, Interactive Media programs. Our motto is “Today’s students, Tomorrow’s Business Professionals”. Business Professionals of America has a history as a student organization that contributes to the preparation of a world-class workforce through the advancement of leadership, citizenship, academic and technological skills for students at the secondary and the postsecondary level. Through co-curricular programs and services, members of Business Professionals of America compete in demonstrations of their business technology skills, develop their professional and leadership skills, network with one another and professionals across the nation, and get involved in the betterment of their community through good works projects. Students compete in over over 50 different competitions at the regional, state, and national stages, and have ample scholarship opportunities.
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FCCLA Family Career and Community Leaders of America 
(Revised 8/2016)
FCCLA is a national student organization for those in the Career Tech Early Childhood Education Program. In addition to having field experience in early childhood classrooms, involvement in this program offers the students the opportunity to develop leadership skills for a future career in education. Involvement in FCCLA also extends into the community as we perform community service projects. Some projects have included adopting families during the holiday season, volunteering in the community and planning family events for parents and their preschool children. Meetings are held on Fridays during class hours. 
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Med Tech (Revised Spring 2012)
As a student in the Medical Technology class in your Junior or Senior year, you will also become a member of Med Tech HOSA.  As a group you attend field trips, have guest speakers that relate to what you are learning about in Med Tech.  We volunteer our time to the community and plan many exciting fund-raisers.  HOSA (Health Occupations students of America) is a national organization that provides quality education experiences for students in leadership, teamwork and character development.
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Newspaper/Yearbook (Revised Fall 2016)
Meet - during school as a class
Time Commitment - during and after school as needed
Cost - A Pay to Participate fee is associated with this activity and students are required to sell advertising
Joining Dates - Applications go out in January of the previous year and students must go through an interview process. Both of these organizations are open to any student after having completed the pre-requisite journalism classes. We write stories and captions, take photos, layout pages, sell advertising, and more. It’s tons of fun and a great way to meet new people. Ms. Huey is the advisor for both groups.

Band, Choir and Orchestra

Band (updated 8/16)
A Pay to Participate fee is associated with this activity
Prerequisites:  A minimum of one year of band experience or permission of the band director.
The Northview Band program provides the student with a wide variety of musical experiences. All students enrolled in band perform with the marching band during the first quarter of the school year. At the conclusion of the fall marching season the band will be divided into three concert bands. Students will be placed in one of the three concert bands based on an audition held in January or February of the previous year.  The concert bands will present a number of formal concerts each year as well as participate in Ohio Music Education Association Adjudicated Events.  Students are also provided the opportunity for small ensemble and solo performances. All band students also perform at winter sports events as a member of the pep band.  The pep band performs at every home boys basketball game, one girls basketball game, and one hockey game. The pep band also performs at pep assemblies throughout the year.

twitter: @NVBand
facebook: Northview marching band and orchestra
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Band Auxiliary (updated 8/16)
A Pay to Participate fee is associated with this activity
Prerequisite: Acceptance is based on the tryout   
The band auxiliary consists of the Northview flag corps and majorettes. 
Tryouts are held in the spring of each year. 
This course is for those students who do not play a band instrument.

Orchestra (Revised 8/16)
A Pay to Participate fee is associated with this activity
Prerequisite: A minimum of one year of orchestra experience or permission of the orchestra director
Orchestra is a performing organization comprised of students who have demonstrated proficiency on a stringed instrument.   Concert Orchestra is comprised of all freshmen as well as upper classman who are not yet advanced enough for the Chamber Orchestra.  Chamber Orchestra is comprised of all seniors as well as any underclassman who demonstrate the required technical abilities.  The primary goal of orchestra is to cultivate an enjoyment and higher understanding of orchestral music by studying music of various styles, music theory, and technical drills.  These efforts culminate by presenting several successful concerts throughout the year.  
Highlights of the year are the December concert, State Orchestra Adjudicated Event, and the May Pops Concert.  There are many opportunities for additional enrichment and service, such as Solo and Ensemble contest and select orchestras at the district, regional, state, and national levels. Woodwind, brass, and percussion players, as selected by the directors, add to the orchestra strings to form a full symphony orchestra.  The Symphony Orchestra performs two concerts during the year, as well as at the senior awards assembly and graduation.

Twitter: @NviewOrchestras
FB pages:Sylvania Northview Marching Band and Orchestra
Sylvania Northview HS Orchestra Parents
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Jazz Band (updated8/16)
Prerequisite: Enrollment in High School Band or by permission of the director.
The Jazz Band is a musical group organized to study and perform the various styles of jazz music, such as Big Band Dance Music, Pop and Rock, Ballads and Blues, and small group jazz.  A basic understanding of improvisational techniques is also given.  The Jazz Band performs a number of times throughout the school year.  Practices will be conducted after school hours.
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Choirs (updated 9/15)
A Pay to Participate fee is associated with this activity
The Northview Choral Music Program has enjoyed a long reputation of musical excellence in the state of Ohio.  Students have the opportunity to perform a wide variety of choral music in the most beautiful settings available.  Incoming freshman are placed into one of two Symphonic Choirs or Northview Women’s Chorus.  These choirs sing music of beginning to intermediate difficulty.  The A Cappella Choir performs some of the most challenging choral literature available, and is open to juniors and seniors only.  Every other year, the A Cappella Choir travels to New York City for a concert tour.  In February 2004, the A Cappella Choir appeared on the NBC Today Show!  The Harmony Road Show, Solo & Ensemble, and Barbershop Quartets provide a diverse singing opportunity for choir members. For more detailed information about specific choirs, please contact Mr. Davis at Northview.  Auditions are held annually in February and March.
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